2 Million BC Slots

Offering a spectacular cinematic intro and a main screen that will undeniably impress you with its 3D-animated detail and smoothness, 2 Million BC successfully transports the player in the prehistoric age, where apparently gambling was a thing. The background of the reels depicts a lush emerald jungle, the leaves and branches of which are so tightly packed next to each other that it is often difficult to distinguish one from the other. The surrounding is brilliantly mixed with the reels and the vegetation seamlessly passes from the jungle to the symbol positions. The title has a rock font, the payline numbers are big leaves and the main options, such as Coin Sizes, Spin and Bet Per Line are rock chunks. The Bet Max button is a crackling superbly animated fire, recently made by the main character of the main screen, who is a fully rendered in three dimensions. He is muscular, barefoot, wearing leather clothing and has a long messy hair and a beard. Otherwise, the game offers 5 reels with 3 rows and 30 paylines. Coin sizes start at 2 cents and can go as large as 1 dollar. The maximum number of bet credits with which a spin can be entered is 5.


10 symbols decorate 2 Million BC Slots’ paytable. The highest paying one depicts a gorgeous redhead girl wearing a bone necklace, bone hair decorations and a leather dress. She pays 30 coins for 2 symbols, 100 for 3, 300 for 4 and 500 for 5. Next up is the symbol of the Sabertooth, who seems to be sleeping peacefully in its icon. It offers 15 coins for 2 symbols, 75 for 3, 200 for 4 and 400 for 5. The crazy-looking bee with the creepy wide smile, the sleepy eyes and the tiny bone decoration in its antennas gives 10 coins for 2 symbols, 60 for 3, 150 for 4 and 300 for 5. The tall, Stonehenge-like monument symbol grants 5 coins for 2 symbols, 50 for 3 symbols, 125 for 4 symbols and 250 for 5 symbols. The stone wheel brings 5 coins for 2 symbols, 40 coins for 3, 100 coins for 4 and 200 coins for 5. The fat club symbol delivers 2 coins for 2 symbols, 30 coins for 3 symbols, 90 coins for 4 symbols and 150 coins for 5 symbols. The rest of the symbols offer just 3 winning combinations from 3 to 5 matching symbols. The stone necklace pays 25, 75 and 125 coins. The parchment with the elephant drawing pays 20, 60 and 100 coins. The Vase with the prehistoric dollar sign painted on it provides players with 15, 50 and 75 coins. The ruby gem pays 10, 25 and 50 coins.


There are also a couple of symbols in the game, which don’t offer payouts but are capable of activating bonus features. Landing at least 3 bonfire symbols on the reels will result in the activation of the free spins round. More free spins can be acquired during the already initiated free spin feature. 3 Acorn symbols start the so-called Saber Attacks feature. In it, players will need to assist the cavemen with shooting and knocking down the charging Sabertooth. If the beast is successfully stopped, bonus prizes will be awarded. The main bonus game of 2 Million BC is called the Diamond Bonus. It can be started through the Diamond symbol, when 3 of it show up on the reels. In it, the Caveman needs to steal a diamond from the Sabertooth and if he makes it, additional bonus awards will be added to the gambler’s balance. Additionally, the diamond symbol offers payouts of its own – 40 coins for 3 symbols, 100 coins for 4 symbols and 200 coins for 5 symbols, which will be multiplied by the credits played on the active payline.

2 Million BC is one of the best slots with a prehistoric theme not simply because of its immaculate visual design but also because of its numerous profitable symbols and more than enough highly profitable, interactive and thrilling bonus features.