Barbary Coast Slots

Barbary Coast is a pirate-themed, visually striking slot game, which offers a beautiful, detailed background that transports the player on a glorious ship. Lamps, stairs, cannons, sails, ropes and of course – the beautiful, dark, mist-filled night all contribute to the impressive sight. The Choose Coin option is displayed as a piece of parchment, the Bet per Line, Select Lines and Spin options are shown as barrels and the Max Bet Spin option is depicted as a cannon. The game offers 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 paylines. Coin sizes start at 2 cents and can go as large as 50 cents. The maximum number of bet coin credits per a line is 5. This is a game full of highly profitable symbols and bonus games, the number of which exceeds your most optimistic expectations.


All the paying symbols are in possession of 3 winning combinations involving between 3 and 5 matching symbols. The highest paying one is the lady, which offers 500, 1000 and 1500 coins. The skull with the intercrossed bones and the pirate hat gives 400, 875 and 1250 coins. The iron chest full of gold coins, resting upon jewelry grants 250, 750 and 1250 coins. The gold coins offer 200, 625 and 1125 coins. The pistol brings 150, 500 and 875 coins. The compass provides players with 125, 400 and 750 coins. The symbol depicting an arm charting a course through a map pays 100, 300 and 625 coins. The cannon pays 75, 250 and 500 coins. The barrel offers 50, 125 and 250 coins.


This game features quite a lot of bonus rounds and some of them can be activated through special non-paying symbols. For instance, at least 3 of the Parrot symbols are capable of activating the free spins round of the game and in addition to that, instant prizes will be granted. The drawback of the game’s free spins feature is that no other bonus game can be activated during it. If the low-paying canon symbol makes an appearance on the central reel, the entire reel will be covered by wild symbols and will remain as such for the next spin. There is also the so-called Ben Sawyer symbol, depicting a pirate with long hair and a red bandana. At least 3 of this symbol will activate the Dashing Sawyer feature, which will deliver instant prizes. The long list of bonus games in Barbary Coast is lengthened by the Fight Bonus round. It gets activated when at least 3 Captain Blackbeard symbols make an appearance on the reels. A battle between the pirate with the red bandana and Blackbeard with ensue and if Blackbeard gets defeated, instant prizes will be awarded. The final feature is the Grog Challenge. It can be started via the Worker symbol, which depicts a muscular pirate that is carrying a barrel. At least 3 of these activate the Grog Challenge. A drinking challenge game will commence and if the player emerges victorious, big awards will follow.

Barbary Coast Slots, much like a pirate’s life is a true adventure to experience, featuring numerous profitable symbols and a huge number of spectacular, original, entertaining and extremely generous bonus games.