Take Olympus Slots

Forget about Saving Olympus and Olympus Has Fallen; Betsoft gaming puts you firmly in the driver’s seat with Take Olympus, a forceful five-reel game that puts you in the halls of vaulted, Greek Gods themselves.

Betsoft Catches Lightning In A Bottle

All hail Betsoft, the god of slot game developers. Betsoft took its rightful place among slot game developers since its inception in the early 2000s. Betsoft is one of the first gaming engines that took up the modern-day HTML5 engine to craft and fuel its brand of slot games. Betsoft’s slots are rich in visual excellence with extra attention to detail, but it doesn’t stop there. Betsoft goes the extra mile by having its games full of exciting and rewarding bonuses and interactive characters. It is common for these games to have soundtracks, as is the case of Take Olympus.

Practice Frolicking Among The Gods

While you might be in a rush to prance around and jam the spin reels, Take Olympus gives members the option of playing practice play so you can familiarize yourself with the game nuances.

A Greek God Theme

The power and mystique of the Greek Gods dominate the game from start to finish. The gameplay takes place in an opulent garden that is full of exotic colors. All the intimate details like the fonts and the reel design carry the magnificence of the Greek Gods.

The Game Play Is Entirely Fluid

It is simple to get caught up and lost in the allure and splendor of Take Olympus, but it has all the rudimentary features to win and to win easily. Impress the gods themselves by taking up your own spins, or use the autoplay feature, so the heavy work is done for you. The paytable is only a click away so that you can reveal all the tremendous game icons. The pay line arrows and the coin value buttons work in tandem to handle and facilitate the bets as you see fit. The audio button silences the music and the sound.

Take Olympus Offers Many Winning Avenues

For some players, spinning the reels regularly is enough to win some heavenly coins. There is a unique god cycle that occurs every ten spins. We will discuss this in length shortly but Take Olympus. Take Olympus doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot like other standard slot games.

The Magnificent Pay Lines

Take Olympus offers fifty magnificent pay lines. Thanks to the pay line arrows, players have the choice of wagering on all fifty pay lines at once or a random number of pay lines. There is nothing stopping you from wagering on a single pay line to get the ball rolling.

The Power Of The Coin Value Buttons

If you want to please the gods, the next step is to arrange the coin value. That’s where the coin buttons come in, which helps bets start at one cent, and it can grow up to a quarter. The maximum Take Olympus allows you to wager per spin is ten bucks.

The Pay Table Is A Gift From The Gods

Take Olympus is loaded in more ways than one. The game’s official wild symbol is a collection of all the gods. At random, Take Olympus features a certain god or goddess for a period of ten spins. We will discuss the impact of this in greater detail. The vaulted Zeus pays up to five credits for filling an entire row of him, while the mighty Poseidon and the dark lord Hades reward your efforts by paying up to two credits for five on the pay line. The same is true for Apollo and Aphrodite.

The thunderbolt and the trident proudly wreak havoc on the pay lines, and they reward your heavenly efforts with 1.20 credits and .80 credits. There are a handful of other ravishing symbols that payout nicely as well. Take Olympus showers players with wins by getting a trio of the same icon to fall on the reel’s left side to the right.

The Power Of The God’s Unleashed

Take Olympus doesn’t hold back with its array of sweltering and powerful gods. From the beginning of the article, we talked about the rotation of a god per ten spins. It breaks down like this. A random god will occupy the reels, serving as the defacto wild symbol, but the caveat to this is each god comes with certain perks and benefits. For example, Apollo leads the way with random spins. Aphrodite leaves behind a mystery box after the tenth cycle.

Poseidon wreaks havoc on the pay lines thanks to a bonus free spins after his cycle is up. During Hades’ cycle, the winning multiplier grows by a factor of one. Zeus saves the best for last with heavenly winning multipliers in tandem with free spins.

Zeus continues to work wonders when he lands with other gods. For example, when Zeus lands with Apollo, the player will receive an additional five wilds on the game screen. When Hades combines with Zeus, players will receive a large re-spin, while Zeus, combined with Poseidon shores, wins up with bonus re-spins.

The Gods Strike Down On The Free Spins

The cycle of the gods leads to an abundance of free spins. We start with Zeus’ ten free spins that commence after his cycle at the end of the reel.

A Heavenly Return To Player

Take Olympus is full of splendid wins, but you are not going to win all the time. Don’t lose heart because Take Olympus is stacked in your favor to win, so make your bets with peace of mind.

A Well Chatted Slot

Take Olympus continues making the rounds around the internet. It continues getting rave reviews.

Win Along With Zeus

The stage is set for you to join the pantheon of gods by wagering money by spin or taking advantage of the built-in promotions that the online casino has to offer. It is customary for a new member to have access to a welcome package, a combination of a matching bonus and free spins. The internet is kind to players with a bevy of no deposit bonuses.

Have Fun With The Gods

Take Olympus stacks the deck in your favor, but it wouldn’t hurt to get some practice play. Practice frolicking around with the gods as you build up the intestinal fortitude to lay down an actual wager.

Time To Get Serious

Take Olympus is supported at a host of online casinos that provides plenty of banking options. The traditional banking methods remain credit cards, with most of the debit card equivalents being an option. The chances are high that Bitcoin is an option for players to use, and perhaps similar cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. Neteller and Skrill are mainstays for making a deposit.

The Gods Await On The Mobile Platform

Take Olympus is ready for prime time on your chosen smart device. If you already have an account at the online casino, there is no need to create a new one. Take Olympus is the pride and joy of Betsoft, who has put in a lot of time and attention to bring you the Greek Gods like never before. This title also works on laptops.