Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots

Featuring a wonderfully realized theme, Aztec’s Treasure 3x3 is a game that lets its players dive deep into the wild jungles that are protecting the mythical structures of the glorious civilization. The main screen of the game presents the reels as a pyramid-like building and the level of detail is so great you can see literally see every building block. The game features a unique set up of 3 reels and 3 rows. There are 5 paylines. Coin sizes start at 2 cents and can go as high as 1 dollar. The number of coin credits with which a spin can be entered varies between 1 and 5. That makes the maximum bet possible 25 dollars.


The following payout values are for the case of 1 bet coin credit. The best paying symbol of the game is the Tribal Leader. He is recognizable by his bird mask and is capable of delivering 100 coins. The Aztec Pyramid is next in line. Its payout value is 50 coins. Third place is taken by a symbol depicting the head bands, decorated with feathers, for which Aztec soldiers are well-known for and it pays 20 coins. 10 coins are granted by the creepy green skull symbol. Then there is the gilded star, featuring tiny scarlet decorations, which pays 5 coins. There is also a golden-edged sword that has a precious stone embedded in its cross guard, which pays 3 coins. At the bottom of the paytable is the yellow seal, which gives just 1 coin. Overall, Aztec’s Treasure’s paytable has an extremely comfortable design because the gambler can check out all the payouts of all the symbols for all 5-coin bet cases.


In order for a player to initiate the bonus feature of the game, the special Gem type symbols need to be acquired. Since they are occupied with the activation of the bonus round, they don’t offer payouts of their own. There are 3 types of gems – blue, red and yellow and as soon as all three are collected, the feature will be started. The bonus screen will display a certain number of selectable positions. Players will need to pick 3 of those in order to receive the bonus prize. The game also gives gamblers the opportunity to get their hands on a big jackpot award. It can be acquired by landing 3 special Aztec’s Treasure logo icons on the reels. The second condition for receiving the big prize is to enter the spin with the biggest possible bet.

Aztec’s Treasure is a great slot game with an original set up, great bonus features, including a jackpot prize and a spectacular visual design that is definitely worth experiencing.