Back in Time Slots

Back in Time Slots is a pleasant to look at, well-drawn and animated slot game, the theme of which takes players back to a time period when humans weren’t even around. The background of the game depicts tall palm trees, a beautiful beach and a big beautiful sky. The highlight of the main screen, however, is the animated baby dinosaur that is wearing a pink dress. The game features 3 reels with 3 rows. Coin sizes vary between 2 cents and 50 cents. The maximum number of coin credits with which a spin can be entered is 5 making the maximum bet 40 dollars.


The paytable of Back in Time Slots is very comfortable because it depicts the values of the symbols according to the bet case. There are 7 symbols in the game, which offer payouts of their own and the following amounts are for the case of 1 bet credit. The highest paying one is the egg with red dots and it delivers 50 coins. The blue-dotted egg grants 20 coins. The egg with the green dots offers 10 coins. The symbol that depicts gold stashes and has the word “Dinomite!” written on it, gives 5 coins. The Back in Time logo symbol pays 3 coins. The triple red Seven symbol brings 2 coins. The small baby Dinomo! symbol is the lowest paying one and gives just 1 coin.


Apart from the paying symbols, however, there is also a Wild symbol, depicting a broken egg with question marks protruding from it and a bonus symbol, the icon of which shows 3 rocks on a red background. These two don’t offer payouts. The wild of the game can assist the player by increasing the size of the received earnings. The first feature that can be noticed is the “Hold the Reels” one. At a push of a button, a certain symbol will freeze and remain on its position while the rest of the reels spin. This option is extremely popular and likable because it gives the player some sort of freedom during the spin. Another feature can be activated by collecting 3 rock bonus symbols. This bonus round will ask the player to select 3 reels after which the bonus prizes will be paid out.

Back in Time Slots features a sufficiently entertaining visual style, a lot of profitable symbols and even a couple of bonus features, which is more than enough for a satisfactory gambling experience.