Ghouls Gold Slots

Ghouls Gold Slots is a small but visually imposing Betsoft game that features a very well realized atmosphere and theme, a feat made possible via its stunning background that shows the black silhouettes of a lonely house and the naked branches of tall creepy trees with the giant full moon and a horrifyingly cloudy night sky high above it. The design of the title itself is admittedly not as creepy - the two words of the title are written in green and gold and there is a rather friendly-looking and definitely not scary ghost with a welcoming face, whose eyes keep blinking and whose mouth keeps smiling. The game features 3 reels with 3 rows and 3 paylines. The coin sizes in it vary between 2 cents and 1 dollar. The maximum number of bet credits with which a spin can be entered is 5. The game also features a progressive jackpot prize, the value of which is always depicted right under the title.

Ghoul Payouts

The paytable offers that very comfortable option of seeing the payouts of the symbols with every bet case. There are 7 paying symbols listed in the paytable and the following amounts count for the case of 5 bet credits. The only existing winning combinations in the game are three of the same symbol. 3 of the House Silhouette symbols deliver 500 coins. 3 of the Money Bag symbols pay 250 coins. 3 of the boiling green potion symbols grant 100 coins. 3 of the symbols depicting a couple of bats on a yellow background offer 50 coins. The red melting candle gives 25 coins. The green 7 symbol delivers 15 coins and the yellow 7 symbol provides players with 5 coins.

Scary Gold Features

The symbols that don’t deliver payouts are 3 – the wild, the jackpot and the bonus symbol. The jackpot one is the bag of gold symbol and its triple combination will earn the player the progressive jackpot prize. The wild symbol depicts three piles of coins, placed on top of each other. It has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game with the exception of the Jackpot prize initiating symbol. The bonus symbol is that same innocent ghost from the main screen and three of it will initiate the game’s bonus level. The bonus screen will take the player to a game, where he or she will need to grab a hold of flying ghosts and every caught ghost will increase the bonus round’s collective prize. The game requires speed since there is a time limit. The game also features a very rare and intriguing reel feature. Following the first spin, symbols will land only on the lowest row. Then the gambler will be able to press the “hold” button for one of the 3 reels and fill it with the symbol that has appeared on that row. The next spin will affect only the other two reels, while the held reel will keep its contents, which could lead to great payouts.

Ghouls Gold is an efficiently entertaining slot game with reasonable payouts for its size, a well-shaped atmosphere and some very unique elements, which are difficult to find in slot games made by other developers.