Birds! Slots

Through Betsoft’s singular gift for visual splendor, Birds! is one of the best-looking, if not the best-looking bird-themed online slots ever made. The reels can be displayed against different background landscapes. One of them is that of a beautiful city of rich warm colors – pink, orange, yellow, decorated by tall emerald trees and another one is that of an endless field of sunflowers, located somewhere in the country. Both settings are placed under a beautiful blue, cloud-filled sky.

The design of the reels, however, is the most impressive part of Birds!’ appearance. At some point during your strolls through tourist destinations in the middle of the summer season, your eyes have definitely caught glimpse of electricity wires going from one building to another and more importantly – the small birds that are just chilling there with no fear of getting electrocuted. Well, that’s exactly the extremely familiar, yet stunningly original concept, which Birds! has to offer.

The 3 rows of reels in the game are actually 3 cables and the different symbols are various colorful 3D animated birds and as you might have guessed, there are 5 reels of them. It is a rare case of a game in which all the symbols are in possession of smooth 3D animation, while every other detail on the main screen is motionless. The animation of the spinning of the reels is just incredible: the birds fly away to the right side of the screen and then a whole new flight arrives on the cables from the left. Visually speaking, it really doesn’t get any better than this. That being said, the game offers coin sizes varying between 2 cents and 1 dollar and a spin can be entered with as many as 5 bet coin credits. The maximum bet possible is 125 dollars.

Bird Paytable

The only symbol that doesn’t offer payouts of its own is the wild Bird, which looks older and is extremely colorful - it has shades of green, red, violet, pink, orange; even its eyes are different colors. A combination of 3 or more matching bird symbols is considered a winning combination and will lead to an earning. The highest paying bird is the golden one with the tall hair-do – it pays 500 coins. the scarlet bird with the military cap grants 125 coins, the orange bird gives 100 coins, the yellow bird with the green eyes offers 75 coins, the green bird pays 40 coins, the purple bird delivers 20 coins, the pink bird and the blue bird offer 15 coins, while the grey bird with the purple eyes and the white bird pay 10 coins.


The bonus feature of the game, called Free Flights Feature is connected with that glass meter to the right of the reels on the main screen. Every time a winning combination is formed and a payout is awarded, that meter will be getting more and more filled and when it reaches the top, 4 free spins will be provided. If more winning combinations are formed during the free spins, more free spins will be granted. 4 combinations or otherwise said - winning flights will grant 8 free spins. 5 flights will give 12 free spins and 6 flights – 20 free spins. 7 or more flights will grant 14 free spins plus one free spins for every flight that triggered the spins, so at least – 21 free spins. The Double Up option can also be used. It gives players the opportunity to multiply by 2 all of the earnings made after a spin or half of them. A HEADS or TAILS game will commence. If the gambler guesses correctly, the earnings will be doubled.

If you are a fan of online slots, there is no way you won’t like Birds! Slots, one of the most visually impressive online gambling games ever and an extremely profitable one at that.