Golden Horns Slots

The horns have never been louder thanks to Betsoft's Golden Horns, a fabulous five-reel game that honors the pageantry and legacy of Asian themed games. Oriental games have a long-standing when it comes to online casino dominance, and nobody knows this better than Betsoft, the proud gaming developer behind Golden Horns.

Betsoft Steps Up

Betsoft is the undisputed king of developing blockbuster slot games. Betsoft first introduced itself to the world in the early 2000s, and it has been love at first sight ever since. Betsoft continues hanging its hat on developing visually spectacular slot games that feature involved and lucrative bonus rounds. Bets for games are famous for having character-driven games with legendary soundtracks.

Betsoft was one of the first gaming engines that took up the new HTML5 technology to craft its games. HTML5 technology is becoming the standard for most web browsers as the flash engine is losing prominence. Another hallmark of Betsoft is that its games can be played straight online or for download.

Golden Horns Invites Practice Play

Golden Horns is a crown jewel by Betsoft, and it follows the path of the other slot games. Players can indulge all they want with the practice play feature before they move up to making a real bet. Don't worry. We will be talking about the myriad of options for making a bet. Golden Horns offers everything in practice play, but you won't be able to win real money.

The Power Of Asia Is In The Theme

Oriental style games continue mesmerizing global audiences, and Betsoft uses this to its advantage, thanks to its unrivaled stance for detail. Golden Horns demonstrates this in more ways than one, starting with the impeccable game design. This title infuses red and gold to its advantage, with the game fonts and the game icons are all patterned in Asian calligraphy.

Get Familiar With The Design

Golden Horns offers a lot of gold, but it is still a very solid game with everything you need on the game screen. The power to make your own spins is on the game screen, while the autoplay feature. The pay line arrows aren't available because it is only a single pay line game, but the coin value buttons make arranging bets a breeze. We will discuss this in tremendous detail as well. Don't forget about the options button, where you can quickly address and tweak the game details like reel speed.

Golden Horns Represents Many Things

Golden Horns provides multiple paths for players to win. Players can indulge in winning on a large scale by spinning the reels, or you can play in one of the many bonus rounds or the highly charged ox. Golden Horns doesn't have a progressive jackpot.

Working The Pay Line

As stupendous and marvelous Golden Horns is, it only has one pay line. Therefore, there are no pay line arrows.

Don't Forget About Making Your Coin Bet

While Golden Horns doesn't have pay line arrows, you can still arrange your bets thanks to the coin value buttons. The bets in this game start as low as two cents but quickly grow to a dollar. The overall bet per spin is three dollars.

The Pay Table Is Stacked

By pressing Golden Horn's paytable button, an exciting and rewarding world of cultural characters is revealed to you. The golden ox is the game's wild symbol in the game. One is potent enough to double winning combinations, but getting all three to land on the reel leads to a 288 times winning multiplier. We are only getting started with the ox.

Golden Horns is in love with other high ranking symbols like the banzai plant. An entire row of the plant leads to 115 credits, while the fish squirms free to the tune of 23 credits. Don't forget about the frog that leaps around the reels shelling out seventeen credits. The playing card numbers, aces through jacks all pay modest amounts. The amount varies from ten credits to two credits.

Leap Into The Bonus Round

Golden Horns has what you need to begin hopping around. The key to this is the golden ox.

Are There Free Spins?

Golden Horns has many things, but it doesn't have a free spins round. Again, the golden ox is the ticket to large scale wins.

A Cute Return To Player

Betsoft is known for developing its games with a generous return to player, and Golden Horns is no exception. Have no fear placing your bets. The more wagers you make in Golden Ox, the more you will get back in return.

The Rating Is In

It is unanimous. Golden Horns is a certified hit. There are many websites dedicated to slot reviews, and Golden Horns is all the rave.

Perhaps You Are The Next Winner

Golden Horns is primed to make you the next winner by pressing the reels on your own, or you can take up the high scale promotions the casino has to offer. New players are treated like family thanks to the welcome package, but long term members are not forgotten. These special players can get their winning kicks with free spins and cashback bonuses. All members are encouraged to check the internet for no deposit codes.

It's All About Fun

Take your time with Golden Horns and spin the reels. When you feel confident, then move up to making a real bet.

Many Ways To Set Off The Ox

To reiterate, Golden Horn's ox is set to reward you up to 288 times your bet, but you must make a deposit before that can happen. The online casino supporting this game is sure to have many ways to get into the game. The major credit cards are usually options, but nowadays, so is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Please don't overlook and pass up e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill.

The Ox Runs Wild On The Mobile Platform

Golden Horns is designed to work beautifully on desktops and mobile platforms. It is optimized to work without a hitch on laptops and smartphones.