Mega Gems Slots

Starting with the obvious, Mega Gems has a main screen, unlike any you’ve ever seen, even if you are a veteran online gambler. It is a flawlessly animated futuristic neon blue display on the two sides of the screen with the dark depths of space in the middle, almost as if the gambler is positioned in the interior of a space ship. A pulsating light moves through the electronic nets made of hexagons. There are comet-like lights that move in the same direction, leaving a tail-like trail behind them. All the time, there are numerous dots of light flashing across this spectacular display. A very subtle sea of even more miniature, almost dust-like particles is the beautiful animation at the background of the interface. All this and many other details form one of the most beautifully looking, spectacularly visualized online gambling game sights ever. And as you might expect, if you are familiar with games, featuring the most glorious of backgrounds, the gameplay is not as rich as the looks of the slot or as that of many other slot games (which, admittedly don’t look nearly as good). Regardless, Mega Gems’ 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines offer a solid number of profitable opportunities. Coin sizes vary between 2 cents and 1 dollar. The number of credits that can be bet before a spin ranges from1 to 10.

Symbol Value

The symbols of the game are all precious jewels. All the symbols feature 3 winning combinations from 3 to 5 matching symbols. The blue sapphire is the best paying symbol, delivering 50 coins, 200 coins and 250 coins. The emerald stone offers 25 coins, 60 coins and 120 coins. The pink gem pays 10, 25 and 60 coins. The orange crystal delivers 8 coins, 20 coins and 50 coins. The teal stone provides gamblers with 7 coins, 15 coins, 40 coins. The ruby pays 5, 10 and 25 coins, the same amounts delivered by the yellow gem. The wild symbol depicts a fraction of the hexagon network, although each piece is not neon teal but has a different color of its own-there is yellow, red, teal, green, pink, etc. Whenever this symbols shows up, it will spread all over the reel. It can show up on the second, the third or the fourth reel. Every time it shows up, it will give the player an additional re-spin. If that re-spin leads to another wild, another re-spin will be granted. Mega Gems also has a special Jackpot symbol, the icon of which consists of word Jackpot written vertically three times next to each other. If three of those symbols end up on the second, the third and the fourth reel, the progressive jackpot prize of the game will be given to the lucky gambler. The player needs to keep in mind that the only way this jackpot prize can be acquired is to bet the maximum amount.

Mega Games is one of the most beautiful and visually mind-blowing products Betsoft has ever come up with and offers equally attractive gameplay thrills.