Monster Pop Slots

We don’t say this too often, but Monster Pop slot game is an absolute masterpiece. It looks absolutely amazing. The gameplay is authentic with a challenging and interesting premise. It’s actually fun to play. And it is quite lucrative if you get good at it! They really raised the bar with this one, offering something that you haven’t seen anywhere else, or anything close like it. This is praise that we don’t give pretty much ever, and are unlikely to for a while. That’s how good the game is, however, which we encourage you to find out for yourself immediately!

Graphics to Die For

For starters, we’ll talk about the graphics. Everything is rendered to Pixar level standards. It all works and animates beautifully well, being fluid, vivid, and inviting. Will you look at each and every face on any of the cute and colorful monsters, and see something that could have easily been pulled from a DreamWorks level version of a higher budget film like Monsters Inc. It is also pretty easy on the eyes when I comes to the background, which has some nice design forces with swirls and neon patterns that we really like.

Great Gameplay

The main meat of the game is the gameplay itself. If you have ever played any game like bejeweled, then you would probably know what you’re getting into here. It’s somewhat like they combined that game with a slot machine game, and you ended up being able to bail on it. Because of how popular bejeweled is, we have no doubt that this probably has many people smiling at the thought of it. And you should be! It works wonderfully, and looks amazing. You really have to play it to believe it, it is a sight to behold.

Much like what you see in the screenshot here, if you have mounds of monsters right next to each other that are all of the same kind, you can match them and have that be what you technically matched for that round. As you continue to play, the great expanse ever further, with those ones being knocked out of the running. This makes their own element of strategy to it based on which things you were going to cash in on, because that is going to immediately and directly affect what comes after it. It is a unique game in its own right, very dissimilar from all the other online slot machine games. It technically isn’t a slot at all, although they put that in the title for easy browsing purposes.

For that reason, this is much more than a five reel game, although it is technically classified that way. This is because the pay lines are referred to as cluster play. This is the bejeweled like mechanic that we referred to earlier. It makes betting much like playing the game itself, which is completely unlike every other slot machine came on the market, because at that point, it’s technically not even a slot anymore!

On this giant grid of wonderful happenings, there are many different things to match. Most of them are the colorful monster characters we talked about, being somewhere between monsters inc and the film Inside Out. They’re all vividly highlighted and quite colorful. They match perfectly together with the background, and have just the right amount of cuteness and cuddliness, being somethings that younger people will enjoy, while older adults will still appreciate. They didn’t go to over-the-top with it, they had a beautiful tone, and kept it throughout the entire game.

Still Accessible

Because of how strange it is the bet on the game, you might be wondering how you do it at all! And we can feel for you there. Fortunately, it is still very simple to play, which includes putting down the money for your bet. The coin sizes still start at one cent, much like everything else. Due to the high number of lines you could technically bet on because they are in a progressively growing cluster, your maximum bet is pretty high too, being $250 for a spin. This can change based on how much is on the screen at one time, but for the most part, is true for you if you are willing to play longer.

This game is also backed by BetSoft, so you know that it’s actually going to play out. This is unlike many other providers, which although good, are somewhat questionable as far as how much you can trust them to pay out. Nobody ever has bad things to say about BetSoft, however, being the leader in the field, and the Brand people go to for games that pay well, look amazing, and are backed by trust.

Bonus Rounds

There are also a large number of bonus round. These include the monster color feature, and the monster furry feature. The monster color feature expands the board, and gives you more of the same thing in other locations. The monster furry feature has an affect on any of the monsters that are on the field, changing their type, which can result in different matches. Both of them are nice, which added to it on top of the already innovative way that you will be playing in the cluster format, make for a compelling and unforgettable experience.

As far as how you will be playing, there aren’t any crazy jackpots or anything of that kind. This includes a progressive jackpot, which is also absent. We think that this is fine, because for once, the way the game play is actually interesting. Because of the many different ways you can match, the rate at which you can win is much higher than elsewhere. This will give you the same amount of earnings in the long run, and let’s be frank: most of the time, you’re not going to win the big jackpot anyway. In light of that, it’s much better to win a smaller number of easier and more likely to pay out jackpots. In that context, not having a jackpot actually leads to a bigger set of winnings overall!

Looks Great

This game is fairly recent, but is quickly rising in popularity. Some people are initially a little bit iffy on the art style, but we have yet to meet anybody that it did not immediately win over. It looks absolutely breathtaking, with a visual prowess on par with the best of feature films. The animation is also no joke, being just as fluid as the graphics themselves. The gameplay mechanics or something that come along only once in a blue moon, actually changing the way you view slot machine jams, and in ways that are astonishingly fun.

Whether or not you end up liking this game compared to more traditional slot machine games, you have to give it a try. It really is that good, and is going to stand out in your memory as a memorable experience. It really is something that you have to try either way. It is new, fun, and manages to hit all the right notes, without a single thing to faltering along the way. We highly recommend it, and found ourselves addicted almost immediately!