Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots

Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots is the follow-up game to Miles Bellhouse and his Curious Machine Slots. In this follow-up game, Betsoft Gaming once more introduces you to the brilliant inventor and time traveler Miles, his steampunk style lab, and his robot friend. Together with Miles, you will dive into a time-traveling adventure that will take you to present, future, and past times where you can trigger big profits at any moment. Check out Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots below to learn more about this innovative 3D Animated slot machine title.

Learn More About the Enticing Slot Machine Titles From Betsoft Gaming

With its extensive and ever-increasing portfolio of good-looking 3D animated video slots, Betsoft Gaming is a popular name in the online gambling industry. Besides this time machine-themed reel spinner, the prominent software developer also introduces you to all kinds of other captivating reel-spinning environments. It does this with modern slot machine games like, for example, Spinfinity Man Slots (a superhero theme), The Hive Slots (a honey and beehive theme), Sin City Nights Slots (a Las Vegas theme), and The Angler Slots (a fishing theme).

Learn About Slots by Playing Them in Demo Mode

You can play all the slots mentioned above, together with other enticing reel spinners, in demo mode at the Betsoft Gaming website. Safely test out these slots for free to see if they can hold your interest and provide bet-worthy win opportunities before you head over to casino platforms to play them with real money.

The Game's Theme Takes You to the Lab of a Time-Traveling Scientist

This slot machine game's theme caters to the interests of casino game players who love to make their casino credit wins in the futuristic steampunk style lab of a brilliant scientist and inventor. If you are that type of casino entertainment user, you will be able to happily immerse yourself in the brilliantly designed game world of Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots.

Marvel at the Slot's Beautiful 3D Animated Game Design Elements

The slot machine creations from Betsoft Gaming always draw the most attention because of their beautiful, detailed designs and 3D animations. That is also the case with this slot title, which will, therefore, draw you into its steampunk world successfully. Open up the game in your favorite casino and marvel at the aptly colored steampunk lab that will come to life on your screen. You get to meet Miles and its robot while you are landing all kinds of inventor tools and gears on the reel grid, and a mysteriously sounding background tune will further draw you into the world of this time-traveling inventor.

The Type of Slot Machine Game You Get to Play

In this slot machine, you get to land symbols on a less standard game grid with five reels and five rows. As you might expect from a slot title like this, the game is boasting a couple of unique, story-based, time-traveling-based bonus feature elements, but it does not have a progressive jackpot reward that you can win while spinning its reels.

Symbol Clusters Replace Pay Lines in This Casino Game

Instead of working with pay lines, this game provides symbol cluster payouts. Every time you hit the game's play button, the slot will randomly pick five positions that a winning cluster of cascading symbols will cover. Aim to make as many win triggering cluster patterns at selected reel grid positions. By doing so, you increase your chance of launching the game's unique time-traveling themed bonus features that can turn your real money bets into terrific wins.

Carefully Think About Your Betting Options to Influence Win Outcomes

Picking your betting value is an important step to take before you hit the slot's play button because that action influences your game rounds' outcome. The more betting money you put into a game round, the more you can win. However, always play within the means of your budget and comfort zone because big bets can also lead to more significant losses. On the game control bar beneath the game grid, you can use the minus or plus key to change the bet value from a very conservative 0.05 casino credit value to a very ambitious value of 60 credits. You can also choose various middle ground values that might fit better with your current casino bankroll budget.

Look up Information in the Game's Second Screen Paytable Section

If you click on the "I" icon on the game control bar below the reel grid, you will open up the second screen paytable section. In that section, you can learn more about all kinds of game details, such as, for example, the bonus features and the various symbol cluster structures, as well as the casino credit payouts that they trigger.

Make Wins in the Past, Present, or Future Bonus Round Times

This game gives you a couple of time travel-related bonus elements to make wins with while playing. To make these bonus elements come into play, you need to land winning symbol clusters on the reel grid. The more of these symbol clusters you trigger, the bigger the chance is going to be that a time-traveling feature starts. There are three time periods you can travel to and benefit from during your bonus gaming sessions.

Firstly, you can travel to the past to activate a replay of your last reel spin. When that spin ends, you can see that another non-matching symbol cascade occurs that increases your winning chances. The symbol cascade repeats five times so that you have an opportunity to influence the past positively. When you complete your past bonus element session, the game will calculate your total payout.

When you stay in the present, the game will apply a random win multiplier (2x - 20x) to your wins. That multiplier applies to all the casino credit prizes from your initial slot reel spin. When the winning reel attribute cascading session ends and the symbols are in position, the multiplier will attach itself to the spin's cumulative prizes.

If you are traveling into the future, you will see that the slot machine game picks a random icon from the reel grid that will appear in a large number during a complimentary re-spin. A minimum of ten identical reel attributes will cascade down the future time stream and increase your casino credit win chance.

Win Free Spins Rewards During Past, Present, or Future Bonus Events

You will trigger the innovative free spins bonus round when successful symbol clusters cover all the five randomly chosen reel grid positions. When this bonus feature comes into play, you need to choose either the past, present or future free spins time stream. If you pick the "past" time stream, you will receive 12 free spins. With these free spins, you can rewrite the past because you can make an additional re-cascade for every complimentary spin that you complete.

When you choose the "present" time stream, you will receive ten free spins. All of these free spins will come with a random multiplier reward (2x - 20x) so that you can make the most out of your present time experience. Lastly, if you choose to travel to the future, you will receive six free spins in total. You will see that a randomly selected reel attribute will land ten or more times on the game grid during every complimentary spin in the future game element. The game will randomly select the symbol during every free spin.

Visit the Game's Demo Page to Check Its RTP Percentage Information

Before you start to place real money casino bets on this game, make sure you check out its demo version page at the Betsoft Gaming website. That web page will give you more information about the slot's Return to Player (RTP) percentage. A slot machine's RTP percentage is a rough indication of the amount of wagered money that will return to your bankroll over the long run.

Make Sure to Check Out the Slot Game Ratings for This Casino Game

Another essential piece of game information you can find online is the slot title's rating. This particular piece of information is available at various casino game testing websites that help you get a good view of this slot machine title and others before you start to play them at any of the available online casino platforms.

Check if Other Players Made Big Wins While Playing This Casino Game

If you are looking for further convincing information that Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots is a game worth playing, make sure you also check out casino news-related websites. If other lucky players can make big wins with this game, then there is a chance that there are news reports of their newsworthy successes. Furthermore, In some cases, casinos will also provide news updates about real money players who made it big on their platforms.

Play and Wager With Real Money to Claim the Best Casino Credit Wins

Do you have a big enough budget, and are you in the mood to make some real money bets that can potentially trigger life-changing profits? Then you can become a member of casino websites that have this game and other lucrative win opportunities providing slots on offer. Once you are a registered casino member, you can make a deposit and start to place (win triggering) bets with real money credits.

Play in Fun Mode to Have Money and Stress-Free Gaming Sessions

If you are not the type of player who feels comfortable enough to make real money bets that can lead to possible wins and losses, you luckily do not have to miss out on playing this slot machine game. Various casino operators also provide it for free on their virtual platforms. These casinos will give you fun credits to play with if you choose to go for the free gaming experience.

Use Your Android or iOS Powered Mobile Device to Play This Slot Game

There is a third type of gameplay option you can choose when you want to make fun and wins with Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots. That third gameplay option is available at mobile-friendly casino platforms that let you enjoy this game on your Android or iOS operated smartphone or tablet. Check out this mobile playing option when you are on the go, and it is not possible to use a desktop device.