Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove Slots

The quest is on with Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove, the next exciting, cinematic slot game in the Max Quest series. Max Quest has all the intrigue of The Pirates Of The Caribbean, with an action-packed movie.

Betsoft Steps Up To The Plate

Online gamblers are sure to know about the wonders of the Betsoft gaming engine. Betsoft first burst onto the scene in the early 2000s, and they have not looked back since. Betsoft turned the internet world on its heels with its bold devotion to ultra-realistic graphics, cinematic-like play, and innovative storylines. All of this and more in Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove sums up the genius and wonder of Max Quest.

It's All In The Practice Rounds

Betsoft loves to practice, so much so that it crafts superb titles like Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove with the ability for players to sample the game to get the feel and see if they desire to advance to placing a real bet. The same holds true for Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove, a highly evolved and involved slot title with many layers for members to get the feel of.

Care For Some Adventure?

From start to finish, Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove bristles with adventure. The gameplay takes place on an abandoned beach with, you guessed it, hidden coves. While the explorer is modern, this scintillating title delivers the best and teases the user with haunted pirates and ghosts. Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove offers players the chance to choose their room. The room you choose ultimately determines the type of bonus you encounter, the types of characters and dangers, and the amount of money you must wager. This game offers a lot of the role-playing game features that you would find on a home console but uses it for a slot game experience. You can even buy weapons as you shoot at the ogres and the dead pirates to register a win.

The Quest Is In The Design

As we finished, Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove is a departure from traditional five-reel games. Instead of pressing the spin button, it is up to the player to aim the cannon and fire at the screen's targets. Each target displays a monetary value. The aim is to shoot up as many of the marks as per spin.

This game does feature an options button where you can tweak the appropriate game settings. Remember. There are no pay lines, so there are no pay line arrows. As we mentioned, you choose the coin value from the start of the game, so this title doesn't feature coin buttons like traditional five-reel games.

A Game Of Many Trades

Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove is a bundle of excitement and rewards. What would a pirate-themed game be like without treasure chests? You never know what you'll find in the chests, and it is something we will discuss at a later date. The quests are the treasure chests' best friends. We will discuss this in detail too.

You Mean There Are No Pay Lines?

That is right. Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove doesn't feature pay lines. You do all the action and in-game talking with the cannon.

The Same Is Said For The Betting Options

Max Quest: Dead Man's Cave doesn't feature pay lines. Therefore, there are no coin buttons. All the financial spin affairs are settled at the onset when you pick which cave you wish to explore, which comes with a fixed monetary value.

This Pay Table Is Loaded

Saying that the paytable for Max Quest: Dead Man's Cave is loaded is an understatement. When you press the paytable button, you will find a section where you have common enemies and master bosses. When it comes to the common enemies, the large rats shell out a respectful 30 credits, while the grotesque crabs reward you with up to 50 credits. Next, there are the birds, which soar to 120 credits. The common pirates reward you between 220 to 800 credits, while the ogres dominate the gameplay with 1500 credits. The first mates aren't afraid to walk the plank to the tune of 320 credits, and the dead captain is still in charge thanks to 500 credits.

When you thought you'd seen the best of the bosses, you discover that Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove has legendary bosses, including Captain Blackbeard and sirens.

The Treasure Chest Is Full Of Bonuses

If you are going to have a pirate-themed game, then you need treasure chests. While most five-reel games offer winning multipliers, the treasure chests in this game offer boosted shooting capacity. Imagine the wins you can accumulate with three times the shot, which is what you'll find in the golden chest. But before you can open the chest and all of its bounty, you must go some side quests to finds the keys. The side quests offer extra wins among other prizes, so pay attention, mate!

Are There Free Spins?

While Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove is full of terrific prizes, it doesn't have a traditional free spins bonus round like other five-reel games.

The Return To Player

Risks are involved when you play Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove but don't lose heart. While it is true nobody likes to lose, the player's return to this game will work for you eventually.

A True Pirate's Rating

The reviews are nothing short of spectacular when it comes to Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove. A simple internet search reveals a litany of glowing reviews for this unique title.

Perhaps You Are The Next Big Winner

Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove comes with many promotions. The online casino hosting this title is bound to have an array of promotions, while an internet search will turn up third party bonuses.

All In The Name Of Fun

Whether you win or lose, the goal of this game is to enjoy yourself. Remember. This title comes with the option of practice play.

Real Money For A King's Ransom

When you feel you have enough courage to face the supernatural, the next step is to place a real money wager. The online casino hosting this game is sure to have conventional options like the major credit cards, among other things. Depending on the online casino, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are viable options. There might be e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill.

The Mobile Platform Awaits

Max Quest is so much game that it isn't restricted to home computers and desktops. This state of the art game is designed to perform admirably and seamlessly on your smart device and laptop.