Max Quest: Dragon Stone Slots

The Max Quest series of slots have produced an exciting dose of exhilaration and wins. Each game is unpredictable in nature but remains the same by creating big time winners. Welcome to Max Quest: Dragon Stone, a one of a kind slot game that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Why Betsoft Has No Rival

Betsoft, if you ask slot experts, is not only in its own league, but many consider it the undisputed king of slot games. This reputation is no fluke. Betsoft, since the early 2000s, has committed itself to develop blockbuster slot games full of engaging visuals, interactive gameplay, and lucrative bonus rounds. Betsoft continues its stellar relationship with the renowned HTML5 technology. Together, they continue to make magic with blockbuster five-reel games that are compatible online or offline. Players also have the choice of playing them on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices.

Practice Your Adventure Skills

Max Quest: Dragon Stone follows other Betsoft games' pattern by permitting players to play practice rounds to sharpen their skills. All of the main game features are availed to you, but you won't be able to win real money. That requires a real stake in the game.

A True Dragon Theme

This time, Max Quest enters the dangerous and mystical world of the dragon. This game puts the player in an immersive experience like never before atmosphere. The game opens up with a cinematic approach, aerial shot over a fabled castle. This game takes in medieval times, where elves, orcs, and humans wager deadly combat. Dragon Stone follows other successful Max Quest games by not having pay lines or coin value buttons.

A Tremendous Game Design

We finished talking about no pay-lines or coin buttons, but Max Quest: Dragon Stone has plenty of extra features, including a firearms buttons and the paytable button. There is an options button where you can fine-tune the enemies' speed and the firepower from the cannon.

Max Quest: Dragon Stone Unloads On The Benefits And Bonuses

Max Quest: Dragon Stone doesn't have regular free spins rounds, but it compacts winning multipliers based on the range and number of enemies you blast down.

Are There Really No Pay Lines?

You heard correctly. Max Quest: Dragon Stone doesn't have pay lines. Players begin their quest by choosing a specific section. Each section features its prized amount and enemies.

Arranging The Bets

There are no pay lines nor any coin value button in Max Quest: Dragon Stone. Each player chooses the value they are willing to wager before playing the game. Remember. This amount is fixed, so the only way this changes is if you commence a new game.

Deciphering The Paytable

Max Quest: Dragon Stone is full of all the orcs and other supernatural foes that you can blast down and win. The first level of the enemy is the common enemy. The next level is the boss level, and the third level is the legendary bosses. Each group of boss and enemy comes with fixed hit points, aiming quickly and staying on the mark.

There is a separate firearms table where you get a preview of the serious firepower in store. The more expensive the Max Quest weapon, the greater the damage and the more manageable it is to take the foe.

Welcome To The Bonus Round

Max Quest: Dragon Stone doesn't feature free spins or other bonus rounds, but it does feature explosive winning and critical winning combinations. There is the critical hit, bonus hit, and instant win hits.

No Free Spins?

Max Quest: Dragon Stone doesn't have a free spins bonus round.

An Awesome Return To Player

Max Quest: Dragon Stone follows other Betsoft games' mold by having a high return to player. Place bets with ease of mind.

A Well Received Slot Game

Max Quest: Dragon Stone is an upcoming slot game. There is plenty of internet chatter and buzz surrounding this game.

The Promotions Have An Impact

Max Quest is due for an impending release. The online casino hosting this game has a slate of rewarding promotions. Brand new players can indulge in the lucrative welcome package. The welcome package usually consists of a matching deposit and free spins. Veteran members have access to free spins bonus rounds and other lucrative cashback bonuses.

Sit Back And Have Fun

Max Quest is full of amazing prizes and action, but there is no immediate rush to place a real bet. Nothing is stopping you from playing practice rounds until you build up your confidence and place a real bet.

Step Up And Win For Real

When Max Quest: Dragon Stone gets a full release, the online casino housing this game has many options to make a quick and easy bet. Visa and MasterCard remain the two steadfast options, but it requires that you have the cashier's approval, which can take time. Cryptocurrencies are coming into play at online casinos, and Bitcoin leads the way. Bitcoin demands the user to have a Bitcoin wallet to interact with it. Neteller and Skrill are dynamite e-wallet options.

Max Quest Is Mobile Ready

Max Quest: Dragon Stone is primed for mobile phones and laptops. There might be exclusive mobile promotions that players can use on hit games like Max Quest: Dragon Stone.