Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy Slots

Max Quest strikes again. This time, the bold adventurer is knee-deep into danger in the mummy's tomb. Betsoft proudly presents the innovative and cinematic-like game, Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy.

Betsoft Keeps Churning Out Hits

Betsoft is no stranger to developing riveting and rewarding five-reel slot games. It has crafted stellar and rewarding five-reel slot games since the early 2000s, and it has not looked back. Betsoft continues its rockstar relationship with HTML5 technology. This partnership allows Betsoft to bring forth epic and original games like Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy, which is visually flawless and interactive with lucrative bonus rounds. This game, along with other Betsoft titles, are fit for desktop and home computers but is equipped for equal performance on mobile devices and laptops.

Get Some Practice Play

Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy Slots is a mammoth slot game with action and adventure waiting behind every bend. The top way to get acquainted with everything this game has to offer is by playing the demo practice rounds. All the game features are available in Max Quest, but you won't win real money.

A True Adventurer Theme

Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy goes all out with the mummy theme. The game action occurs in the heart of the mummy's tomb. Betsoft went all out with this game. There is even a captivating soundtrack to help you get into the groove of the game. The ambient sounds and the lighting cement the epic game that Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy is.

A Unique Game Design

The Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy is a departure from typical Betsoft games that feature pay lines and coin value buttons. This follows the latest shoot-up game where the player has to shoot targets on the screen to win. There is still a paytable button where you can review the different levels of enemies, and there is a unique gun window where you can view the various weapons and their values.

This Mummy Themed Game Offers A Lot

Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy is full of epic and mega wins and heightened bonus rounds. It seems the only thing this game doesn't have is a progressive jackpot, but there are many ways for players to rack up and win.

What? No Paylines?

That's right. Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy doesn't offer any pay lines. This game doesn't have pay line arrows, like other games where you can adjust the game bets. Instead, players choose the room they want to begin the carnage and mayhem.

Talking About The Coin Value?

If we were to tell you that Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy doesn't have any coin value buttons, would you believe us? Well, this game doesn't have them, nor do they have pay lines. Before you begin your quest, you choose the room that you want and the value you wish to bet.

Unearthing The Paytable

If you want a preview of the dead and supernatural foes Max Quest is going to face, press the question mark, and you will soon get your answer. Rise Of The Mummy follows other Max Quest games' path where it features regular enemies like different types of bugs, beetles, and scorpions. There are different minions and shadow guards. Max Quest requires you to keep your guard up against the tahawy warriors and commanders to absorb a good amount of hit points. The god Horus makes an appearance on the reels as well.

The next level of the enemy is the special enemies tier. The two marvelous enemies include the infernal forge master that requires a staggering 500 hit points to feel. This menacing boss also drops weapons for you to use to continue the assault. The unstoppable avatar doesn't reward points on its own, but its destruction leads to an additional 5,000 hit points as it takes out nearby enemies.

When you think you'd seen the best of the enemies, Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy unfurls another tier of enemy called the legendary bosses. The hit points on these three enormous enemies range from 2,500 points to 7,500 points. Don't forget about the weapons. Max Quest: Rise OF The Mummy goes into tremendous detail about the weapons you can use, including special weapons like the flamethrower and the plasma rifle.

The Impact Of The Bonus Rounds

The Max Quest series of slot games is full of explosive bonuses. When you shoot an enemy, that can lead to a mega win. If your shooting skills are really on point, the winning multiplier starts a chain reaction that gets into the scores, compounded by the individual hit points that each enemy brings. It also can trigger the money wheel where you rack up additional prizes and bonuses. The only enemies that don't trigger the money wheel are the legendary bosses.

A simple shooting of the enemy rewards you with a regular win respective to that enemy's hit points. Still, Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy also calculates wins by scoring critical hits, bonus wins, and instant wins.

Step Into The Free Spins

Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy offers many things, but it doesn't feature a free spins round.

A Generous Return To Player

Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy Slots is a Betsoft product that means returning to player eventually factors in your favor. Have no fear placing your bets.

One Heck Of A Rating

Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy is ready for prime time. This game garners a lot of attention and praise among websites that support slot game reviews.

Win Big Playing Max Quest

Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy slot title is a specialty game that is available at many online casinos that support Betsoft. This means as well that players have access to that casino's promotions. New members have exclusive access to the lucrative welcome package, while veteran members can use the free spins and cashback bonuses.

It's All In The Name Of Fun

While winning is nice, it is okay to have fun. Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy offers many avenues for a fun environment.

Max Quest Requires Real Money

The online casino hosting this game offers many avenues to get into the game quickly. The major credit cards are popular options, and they are easy to use and free. Bitcoin is becoming a standard to make a deposit as well, but Bitcoin requires players to use a certified Bitcoin wallet. There are plenty of them on the market. Neteller and Skrill are dynamic options as well.

Max Quest Is Ready For Mobile Play

Max Quest: Rise Of The Mummy is the pride and joy of Betsoft. It is designed for superior performance on desktops, laptops, and modern cellular devices.