Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots

The Max Quest brand's enduring power lives on with Max Quest: Mission Amazon, another innovative and rewarding slot game by gaming developer Betsoft.

Betsoft Doesn't Hold Back

Max Quest: Mission Amazon is another shining example of why Betsoft continues dominating the online casino landscape. Betsoft, since the early 2000s, has crafted a successful line of slot games that continues captivating a global audience. Betsoft's brand of games is synonymous with visual excellence, lucrative bonus rounds, and interactive gameplay. Betsoft isn't alone in this endeavor. It continues teaming up with the vaulted HTML5 technology to present these awesome haymaker games. Max Quest: Mission Amazon sums up the brilliance and the genius of Betsoft. The only question is, are you going to play on your computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Practice Moving Around The Virtual Amazon Jungle

Max Quest: Mission Amazon is primed for practice play. This game offers many things, but there is no rush to slap down a real wager. All of the game features are at your disposal, but you won't be able to win real money in the process.

The Amazon Is Front And Center

Each Max Quest game follows a specific theme, and Mission: Amazon follows the blueprint. Every fiber and stitch of this game consists of the amazon's perils. The game action happens in the thick of the Amazon jungle, where supernatural and dark creatures await. This innovative game follows the other games' line, for there are no pay lines nor coin buttons. We will discuss shortly how bets are placed.

A Captivating Design

Max Quest: Mission Amazon has all the essential features in the eye's view with so much action occurring on the game screen. We mentioned that there aren't any pay lines nor coin value buttons, but there are plenty of other features to keep you engaged and busy. We will discuss these features shortly, but there are methods for you to fine-tune the game settings, like the sound effects and the music.

This Amazon Adventure Offers Up Many Things

Max Quest: Mission Amazon is a jack of all trades. The beast is unleashed by winning in bunches shooting up your foes, but there are mega wins and other epic wins at your disposal.

No Pay Lines? Are You Kidding?

No. We are not kidding by saying that Max Quest: Mission Amazon doesn't have any pay lines. None of the games in this series has any pay lines. Before you begin the carnage and the mayhem, you must pick a specific room or territory you wish to play in. Each room and section comes with different challenges.

Are You Serious About No Coin Buttons?

Yes. Max Quest: Mission Amazon doesn't have any coin value buttons. Before beginning your quest, you will set your stake. Once you set it, you won't be able to change it, except for starting the game over.

A Marvelous Paytable

Pressing the question mark opens up a new world of characters and icons. Max Quest: Mission Amazon comes with different tiers of enemies. The first level consists of the regular enemies such as the spiders, the hideous toad, exploding toads, killer wasps, and the killer scorpion that stings the competition with 500 hit points. The armed warrior and the guardian are tough to take down, and they pay 500 credits.

The legendary bosses are the next level, where three enormous foes deliver rewards points between 1,000 and 5,000 credits. The spider queen is crafty with 1,000 credits, while the stone guardian is formidable with 5,000 credits. The primal king pounds the competition with 5,000 credits. This amazon slug fest also features rare gems. The diamond proves to be your best friend when it drops from a boss being slain. The other gems from fallen bosses are rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

Max Quest: Mission Amazon offers an extensive firearms section. Each gun listed is packed with its specific impact amount. Enjoy the cryogen and the artillery strike, for they are two of the game's most potent weapons.

Discovering The Bonus Rounds

Max Quest: Mission Amazon offers bonus items to be discovered. Some of these bonus items include the jade necklace and the shard of the sun. Max Quest calculates wins in a variety of ways. There is the classic hit, along with the critical hits. There is also the instant wins and the bonus wins, which deliver tremendous winning combinations.

The Free Spins Bonus

With all the critical hits and wins, you've probably noticed that Max Quest: Mission Amazon doesn't have a free spins round. That's okay. Max Quest provides plenty of bonus treasure for players to find and capitalize on their wins.

A Tremendous Return To Player

No matter how sophisticated your playing scheme is, losses occur. Although Max Quest: Mission Amazon is a shooter game, sometimes you're off the mark. This game follows the pattern of the other Betsoft games with an incredibly high return to the player.

A Dynamite Rating

Max Quest: Mission Amazon is well received among internet site reviews. This is an innovative shooter game where the winner picks up coins as the enemies drop and fall to the waste side.

Step Right Up And Win

Max Quest: Mission Amazon is featured at online casinos that support Betsoft. These same casinos have a well of promotions to help members ascend the winning ladder. For instance, new members have access to a lucrative welcome package that is typically a combination of a matching bonus and free spins. In contrast, veteran members have access to free spins and cashback bonuses to get started. The internet continues to be the best option for third-party no deposit bonuses.

It's All Fun And Games

Max Quest: Mission Amazon offers several and expensive enemies, but it also provides hours of fun. Remember. There is no pressure to step up and make a real wager. This game is equipped with all the bonus play you need to build up confidence.

Oodles Of Real Money At Stake

Max Quest: Mission Amazon is centered at scores of online casinos, all of whom offer many paths to victory. Visa and MasterCard are primed and excellent options for quick access. Players must have the cashier's approval before using the credit cards, but players can use the debit card options once approved. Bitcoin is gaining prominence in the online casino arena. This digital currency requires a Bitcoin wallet to use it. There are many Bitcoin wallets online to choose from, so an internet search will come in handy.

Primed For Mobile Success

Max Quest: Mission Amazon is equipped for optimum success on all the major smartphones and tablets.