Take Santa's Shop Slots

Take Santa's Shop Slots is a young virtual slot machine that provides a funny and unique take on the traditional Christmas Holiday. This game centers around an ambitious thief who plans to ruin Christmas by robbing the gift workshop from Santa. However, the main question, is of course, what is in it for you when you start to spin the reels of this game. Read the Take Santa's Shop Slots review below to learn more about this atmospheric 3D animated video slot title from the prominent gambling entertainment software developer Betsoft Gaming.

Find Out More About the Developer of This Casino Slot Machine Game

This original Santa Claus slot machine title is a creation from Betsoft Gaming. That software developer has a real knack for creating unique and good-looking slot titles rich in features and design elements. If you want to have a taste of what this developer can offer you in terms of slot machine titles and other casino games, visit its website to play various of its entertainment products in demo play mode.

Play This Slot Machine Title and Other Betsoft Games in Demo Mode

By playing this game and other casino slot machines in demo mode, you allow yourself to make some free test spins before you start to bet on them with real money. Use your free reel-spinning sessions to get to know the games and their features so that you build up the confidence to take your gaming sessions to the next level.

Expect to Play a Christmas Themed Game That Is a Little Different

Every year around the holiday season, many Christmas-themed slot machine titles are hitting the market. Still, this game makes that seasonal reel spinning experience a little different, thanks to its unique theme. Santa Claus faces some severe problems in this slot because, just like the infamous Grinch, there is now another evil figure who plans to ruin Christmas for Santa and the many future recipients of his gifts. The game's atmospheric design reflects this theme well.

Atmospheric Winter Holliday Design Elements Effectively Set the Mood

Although this Christmas season-themed slot game centers around a robber who plans an ambitious heist on Santa's shop, it still likes to put you in the familiar holiday mood with its design elements. These design elements are what you can expect from a slot that centers around the winter holidays. A beautiful snow-covered winter landscape serves as the backdrop of a five by four slot reel grid that shows you familiar-looking Christmas items like, for example, the Gingerbread Man, Santa's sleigh, a gift sock, and a candy cane with a ribbon. While spinning the reels of this game, you will also hear an atmosphere-enhancing and catchy Christmas-style background tune.

The Slot Type Elements You Will Encounter While Playing This Game

Most video slots have a game grid that consists of five reels and three rows, but Take Santa's Shop Slots gives you an extra row to take advantage of during your spinning sessions. Other great game details to take advantage of in this game are the innovative bonus feature elements that give you increased wins and free spins. Lastly, Betsoft Gaming is not known for putty progressive jackpot win features in its games, and thus it will be no surprise that you won't find that type of reward in this particular slot title as well.

Play With a Fixed Number of Pay Lines in This Casino Slot Game

This game has a total of no less than 75 pay line structures on which win triggering symbol combinations need to land during your reel spinning sessions. However, you are not able to change the actual number of active pay lines. That number stays fixed and thus will always be 75. However, you can use the bet value adjustment keys to influence the outcomes of your reel spins.

Influence the Outcomes of Your Bets by Adjusting Your Wager Values

To influence your bets' outcomes, you can use the two wager value adjustment buttons on the game control bar. With the minus key, you can adjust the bet value down to 0.20 casino credits, and with the plus key, you can increase the wager value up to 24.00 casino credits. Keep in mind that higher bets can deliver better win results but also significant losses, so always make sure you play within the means of your casino bankroll budget.

Look up Important Game Details in the Second Screen Paytable Section

If you need to look up game details while playing this slot, you can click the "I" button on the game control bar. That button will lead you to the second screen paytable section. You find more information about essential game details, such as pay line structures, bonus feature details, and non-feature symbol combination payouts, in that paytable section.

Place Ornament Bombs on the Reel Grid to Trigger Wild Bonus Pays

This slot title offers a unique progression-style gaming experience that consists of ten rounds. Every time you put the slot machine reels in motion, a special ornament bomb counter will count down from ten to zero. The holiday robber symbol is an icon in this game that will always convert into an ornament bomb, and it then turns into a wild symbol after you complete ten reel spins. Ornament bombs stay locked on their reel spot positions until you reach the number zero on the ornament bomb counter. That counter starts at the number ten and then progressively counts down to zero after every reel spin.

When you get to the number zero on the counter, you will see that all the ornament bombs explode to boost your potential wins significantly. The counter will then reset itself to the number ten again, and it will clear all the wild symbols during the following reel spin. The wild symbols that occur during this bonus game element can replace all the other reel icons in combinations except for Santa's Sleight logo and the holiday robber character.

With the help of robber wilds, you can therefore complete symbol combinations that trigger wins. What's more, five wild logos on an active pay line will give you the five times snow globe win. That is a lucrative win opportunity for you because the snow globe is the highest paying non-feature symbol on the paytable.

Trigger Powerful Free Spins Rewards With the Santa's Sleigh Symbol

In this game, you can trigger free spins rewards with the Santa's sleigh symbol. You need to land three Santa's sleigh symbols on the reels during a game round to receive a total of 15 complimentary spins. At that moment, the ornament bomb countdown stops, and your free spins round starts. While the complimentary spins round is in play, you will see that five, seven, or ten wild symbols appear scattered on random spots. During every free spin, the wild symbols will move to new reel spot positions. Keep in mind that complimentary spins will not make the number on the ornament bomb counter go down and that Santa's sleight icons land on slot reels two, three, and four.

Check Out the Game's Return to Player Percentage

The RTP (Return to Player) percentage of a slot game gives you an idea of how much of your wagered money you can receive back over the long run. You often need to search for this information at casino game review sites that sometimes provide it. Betsoft conveniently mentions the RTP percentages for this game and other slots on its website. You can visit each slot's demo page on the software developer's website to see RTP information or additional important game details.

Learn About the Rating for This Game by Visiting Slot Review Websites

If you want to do further research to see if it is worth it to play Take Santa's Shop Slots at online casinos, you can also check out the ratings for this game that slot machine review websites provide on their websites. If various of these websites give the game a positive review, you can feel confident about the quality and fun that it will give you.

Fortunate Slot Game Winners Can Inspire You to Play This Casino Game

The third piece of information that can convince you to play this slot machine game is knowing that other players made substantial real money wins while spinning its reels. Check for attention-grabbing win reports at casino news-related websites or look for this information at the news update pages of the online casino platforms themselves.

Play With Real Money Bets to Make the Best Casino Game Wins

To make wins that can potentially make the news and change your life, you have to play this slot machine game with real money. Start by finding a casino platform that has this slot title on offer, and then sign up for that casino so that you can make a bankroll deposit and start playing and betting with real money credits.

Play for Fun if You Have No Intention to Make Bets With Real Money

If your intention is not to make any real money wins because you don't have a sufficient budget, first like to practice or love to play for fun, you can use the free credits that some casinos hand out to their members. These casinos will conveniently let you play in free fun mode for as long as you want.

Play and Gamble on the Go via Your Android or iOS Operated Smartphone

Besides offering real money and fun play reel spinning options, there are now also many Betsoft Gaming software-powered casino operators that let you enjoy this virtual slot machine game on a mobile device. Check online for these Android and iOS device-friendly casino platforms when you are on the go and do not have immediate access to a desktop computer to enjoy Take Santa's Shop Slots.