Boom Bucks Slots

Boom Bucks is a peculiar and visually spectacular slot with 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 paylines. The main screen includes the reels, the paytable as well as a special wheel, which is the unique element of the game’s rules. The available options are Collect, Choose Bet, Start and Auto Play. There are just 2 available bet cases – betting 4 credits and betting 8 credits. The symbols provide payouts through triple combinations.


There are 10 symbols and 10 winning combinations available in the game. The cherry symbol combination delivers 20 coins for 4 bet credits and 30 coins for 8 bet credits. The same payouts are delivered by the triple Lemon symbol combination, the triple Orange symbol combination and the triple Plumb symbol combination. The Watermelon combination, the Grapes combination, the Golden Bell combination and the Pears combination all pay 40 coins for the case of 4 bet credits and 60 coins for the case of 8 bet credits. The two highest paying symbols are the BAR symbol and the Bomb symbol. Their triple winning combinations deliver 100 coins for the case of 4 bet credits and 200 coins for 5 bet credits.

Intricate Feature

The paytable in the top right corner of the main screen is the main source of profits for players but the overall earnings of the gambler can be increased through the spectacular, flashy circle located in the top left. That wheel can grant prizes the amount of which can go as large as 100 credits. Notice that there is also a special Bucks meter there. When the Bet 4 case is activated the blue numbers will be available and when the Bet 8 case is activated the red numbers will be available. You will notice that obviously the values of the red numbers are higher. Now take a look under the big title of the game in the bottom right corner – this is an additional reel that will spin alongside the main 3 reels and the Wheel. The Wheel will spin and show an amount that will be added to the Bucks Meter balance. As far as the additional reel is concerned there are 2 options – to receive the green Go sign or the red Stop sign, the former allowing for the Bucks Meter balance to be increased and the latter not allowing it. You can collect the additionally won credits at any time

In short, Boom Bucks is a 3 by 3 slot game with quite a memorable visual style and a truly unique bonus game that greatly contributes to the positive final result of the game.