7th Heaven Slots

7-th Heaven has an admittedly simple background that is just a number of lighter and darker shades of purple thrown in the mix together but its gameplay more than makes up for its unsophisticated looks (not that the latter really matters). The game offers 5 reels, 3 rows and 18 paylines. Coin sizes vary between 2 cents and 50 cents. The maximum number of bet credits with which a spin can be entered is 5 coins. That makes for a maximum possible bet of 50 coins. The game offers many profitable symbols and a couple of generous bonus features.

The Purple Paytable

The highest paying symbol is the red seven, which offers 20 coins for 1 symbol, 75 coins for 2 symbols, 1000 coins for 3 symbols, 3750 coins for 4 symbols and 5000 coins for 5 symbols. The blue seven brings 10 coins for 1 symbol, 50 coins for 2 symbols, 500 coins for 3 symbols, 2500 coins for 4 symbols and 2750 coins for 5 symbols. The green seven gives 35 coins for 2 symbols, 250 coins for 3 symbols, 1250 coins for 4 symbols and 2500 coins for 5 symbols. The golden bell symbol grants 25 coins for 2 symbols, 150 coins for 3 symbols, 750 coins for 4 symbols and 1500 coins for 5 symbols. The cherries symbol provides gamblers with 25 coins for 2 symbols, 100 coins for 3 symbols, 500 coins for 4 symbols and 1250 coins for 5 symbols. The rest of the symbols feature 3 winning combinations that include between 3 and 5 matching symbols and the majority of them are card suites icons. The heart pays 75, 375 and 1000 coins, the diamond – 50, 250 and 750 coins, the club – 50, 125 and 500 coins and the spades – 25, 75 and 375 coins. The triple BAR symbol delivers 20, 50 and 250 coins.

Bonus Symbols

7-th Heaven Slots also has a wild and a free-spins activating symbols, which don’t offer payouts. The wild’s icon depicts just a big purple “W” letter. It can show up on the second, the third and the fourth reel alone. It has the ability to complete a combination involving a 7-type symbol. If the wild successfully completes one, the payouts out of it will be doubled and the wild that has contributed to the combination will expand and cover the entire reel. There is also a special symbol that unites all the four card suite signs in its icon. This symbol can only land on the third, the fourth and the fifth reel after a winning combination and when it does it has the ability to deliver between 7 and 12 free spins. Every free spin round will make one of the suit symbols pay more than usual during the bonus feature.

The Gem Party Feature

The biggest bonus round however is the Gem Party. It gets activated through 3 of the special Gem Party symbol, which is a big round sky-blue colored diamond. When this symbol shows up on the first, the second or the third reel, the round will be initiated, 7 free spins will be provided and new symbols will be used on the reels – 7 gem symbols with giant payouts. The blue gem offers 100 coins, 750 coins, 3750 coins and 7500 coins for 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols. The red gem brings 50, 500, 2500 and 5000 coins for 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols. The yellow gem gives 50, 275, 1000 and 3750 coins for 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols. The orange gem grants 25, 250, 875 and 2500 coins for 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols. The green gem pays 25, 200, 750 and 2000 coins for 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols. The pink gem provides players with 100, 500 and 1500 coins for 3, 4 and 5 symbols and the grey gem delivers 50, 375 and 1000 coins for the same combinations.

7-th Heaven Slots has got it all with the exception of a visually remarkable appearance but once you get a routine winning combination through any of the normal paytable’s symbols or even better – through the Gem Party ones, you will swiftly forget any complaints you might have with the game’s looks.