Dash for Cash Slots

Dash for Cash is a slot with a spectacular visual design that displays the reels on the fat branch of a century-old tree. The background imagery shows a rainy but undeniably gorgeous landscape of emerald forests stretching as far as the mist of the downpour allows. The game has a classic set up – 3 reels and 1 payline. The coin sizes range between 5 cents and 5 dollars. The maximum number of bet coins with which a spin can be entered is 3. The maximum possible bet is 15 dollars. The game offers profitable symbols and a bonus game.

Symbols and Combinations

A winning combination in Dash for Cash is formed with 3 matching symbols. An interesting feature of the game is the one, which makes a number appear on the center line after players have bet the maximum possible bet and have landed a winning combination on the reels. That number will then be multiplied by the triggering bet and the result of that is the payout that will increase your balance. The jackpot prize of the game is 1500 coins and the chances of winning the top prize in this game are much higher than they are in your average slot. The symbols of the game include a Squirrel, a Pine Cone, A Tree, a Seven, a Nut, a title logo icon and there is also the wild symbol. The wild has the regular ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to complete possible winning combinations. The paytable is extremely helpful because it shows what the payout values of the different symbols are in the different bet cases, which are - 2 bet coins, 4 bet coins and 6 bet coins.


If you receive 3 of the logo Dash for Cash symbols with or without the help of the wild symbol, the special Dash for Cash bonus feature will be initiated. The player will need to assist a squirrel acquiring as many nuts as possible as it is making its way through the branches of the trees. The level of interaction, which is expected by the player at this stage is both the advantage and the disadvantage of the bonus round. On one hand it’s a real breath of fresh air to be able to determine the outcome of the bonus round with your own direct participation but if unsuccessful, the feeling will be more dispiriting than the usual luck-dependent outcome. The gambler will have to click the arrows on his or her keyboard according to the arrows that appear on the bonus screen. Players have to be quick in order to emerge victorious.

Dash for Cash puts many slots with a classic set up to shame through its spectacular appearance, its numerous and profitable symbols and of course – its generous and highly interactive bonus game.