Sushi Bar Slots

If you are a fan of seafood, Betsoft has made the perfect slot game for you. Sushi Bar Slots is a game with rich visual design that transports the player straight to a luxurious restaurant, which radiates tradition and coziness, with stylish Asian decorations-filled interior. The 3D element of the main screen is the happy cook, who wears a headband and a huge smile and just keep offering a plate of sushi, occasionally playing around with his knives with lightning-paced energetic movements of a true expert. The coin size option is embedded on the back of a chair. The changing of payline numbers option and the alteration of the number of credits per a payline ability are presented on a red and a purple cushion respectively. The Spin button is the back of a fancier chair and the Max Bet Spin sign is placed right underneath the counter, where the widely smiling Chef is. All those buttons react with an animation, when pressed on. The game features 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. Coin sizes vary between 2 cents and 50 cents. The maximum number of credits with which a spin can be entered is 5.

Payments of the Sushi Symbol

There are 8 symbols that deliver payouts in this game. The highest paying one depicts a red Kettle with the three cups around it and pays 20 coins for 2 symbols, 200 coins for 3 symbols, 500 coins for 4 symbols and 1000 coins for 5 symbols. The symbol, showing a couple of big knives with slices of fish offers 10 coins for 2 symbols, 100 coins for 3 symbols, 250 coins for 4 symbols and 500 coins for 5 symbols. The symbol, containing rice sticks gives 5 coins for 2 symbols, 50 coins for 3 symbols, 100 coins for 4 symbols and 200 coins for 5 symbols. The Sushi collection symbol provides players with 2 coins for 2 symbols, 25 coins for 3 symbols, 50 coins for 4 symbols and 100 coins for 5 symbols. If you take a closer look, you will notice that this Sushi collection symbol is also an Ace symbol, the first of five card symbols in the paytable. The rest of the symbols all have just 3 winning combinations and also include sushi dishes, arranged in the form of card letters and numbers. The King delivers 20 coins, 40 coins and 80 coins. The Queen pays 15 coins, 30 coins and 60 coins. The Jack offers 10 coins, 20 coins and 40 coins. The 10 delivers 5 coins, 10 coins and 20 coins.

Features and Effects of the Bar

The wild symbol of the game is the Soy Sauce. It has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to create winning combinations. If one is successfully completed through the assistance of the wild, the earnings out of it will be multiplied by 2. The only symbol that can’t be replaced by the wild is the scatter Fan. As far as the scatter is concerned, it is capable of activating the free spins round. The larger the number of scatters on the reels is, the larger will be the number of the provided free spins. 2 scatter Fans pay 2 credits. 3 Fans, however, will deliver 8 free spins. 4 Fans will offer 12 free spins. 5 scatter will give 20 free spins. Everything that is won during the free spins round will end up getting doubled in size.

Sushi Bar is a delicious slot game experience from Betsoft with exceptional design, simple rules and big payouts that will leave your desire for gambling thrills satiated even if it makes you feel hungry for some neatly cooked sushi.