Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar Pop Slots is one of the sweetest gambling experiences you can go through online, literally and figuratively. The entire main screen is covered with a sense-pleasing pink color and absolutely every single shape on-screen, including those at the background, the menus, the options, the reels, the spin parameters, resembles that of a candy. The background is this extraordinary, dream-like fantasy landscape with countless candy-growing trees stretching as far as the horizon on sky-blue hills. The game features a unique combination of 5 reels and 5 rows. Coin sizes start at 2 cents and go as high as 50 cents. The maximum possible bet amount is 250. On screen you can notice a number of various different tables such as a Level meter of the Cotton candy Forest, a Bonus Pattern window, a Game Score meter and a Level 1 score Meter, all of these being connected to the game’s features and all of which add up to a truly unique slot gameplay.

The Two Types of Candy Symbols

The payout system of Sugar Pop is different than the usual one that a gambler might have grown to know from most slot games. A payout is awarded only when at least 3 or more candies of the same color appear on the reels and are adjacent to one another. There are seven kinds of candy symbols. The ruby one pays 100 coins. The teal one delivers 75 coins. The emerald one grants 6 0coins. The yellow one pays 50 coins. The orange one provides players with 40 coins, the pink, heart-shaped one gives 20 coins and the violet triangle one-30 coins. Because of the unique structure of the reels, paylines here pay vertically also, as long as the same 3 symbols are next to each other. The colorful candy symbols are known as the regular candies but there are also special candies, which appear on the reels when 4 or 5 of the same color show up on the reels next to each other. There are also random special candies, which appear randomly and have the same effect. There are three kinds of random special candies – a hexagon shaped one, a balloon shaped one and a tree shaped one-all of them colored in a richly screaming green. These special candies will offer players the chance to acquire more earnings, by exploding at the moment of their appearance allowing for additional candy symbols to enter the reels, similarly to a Tetris game.

The Special Ones

A chain of 4 matching color candy symbols is called Super Color and that combination will create a special Super Color symbol. If that symbol combines with a matching color candy sequence, the resulting winning combination will receive a multiplier. A chain of 5 or more same colored candy symbols is called a Color Bomb and will produce a special Color Bomb symbol, which, if combined with another matching color candy symbol streak, will make all the similarly colored symbols on the reels to explode and new symbols will replace them, likely leading to countless earnings. Before understanding the effects of the various special candy symbols, players need to understand the level up system of the game. Basically, every gambler will earn points during the spin and the more points he or she has, the higher levels will be reached. Every time the meter on the right side of the reels is filled, a new level will be unlocked. Some of the levels will allow the gambler to acquire more powerful symbols, unavailable on lower levels. All together there are 30 levels. If you take a look at the left side of the main screen, you will notice the bonus pattern indicator. To earn the bonus pattern, the player has to receive exploding symbols on the bonus pattern positions. Once the bonus pattern is cleared, 600 points will be added to the level score.

Level Up Candies

There are 10 Level Up candy symbols and each one has a special effect of its own. The Candy Cane can be acquired after Level 10. It forces all the candy symbols on its row and column to explode. The Cotton Candy symbol becomes available once the player reaches Level 20. The Jelly Beans can land on the reels from Level 12 up and when at least 3 of these appear, a random symbol on the reels will explode and give an additional chance for earnings. The Caramel Chew will become available quite early on, on Level 2 and after it appears on the reels it will move randomly through the reels, freeing a lot of space along its way. The Gumdrop can be yours once you reach Level 6 and after it shows up on the reels, it will detonate itself taking down the nearby candies. The Peanut Butter Cup can help players after Level 21 and this sweet is extremely useful because it rearranges the local candies so that they can take a more profitable position. The Lollipop is available straight away on Level 1 and it has the effect of bringing new symbols alongside with it on the reels. The Chocolate can enter the reels after Level 15 and when it does the box of three slots by three slots that surround the symbol will blow up, leaving a huge gap, where new symbols can drop. The Jawbreaker candy can make an appearance on Level 8 and once it does, it will make several nearby symbols to disappear. The White Chocolate can be used after Level 4 is reached and it has the ability to take down candies that are directly near it.

A sweet endeavor in every sense of the word, all the way through, Sugar Pop is one of the most original Betsoft creations and online gambling slots in general with brand new gameplay style, delicious awards and irresistible design that will make you go for that box of chocolate sweets in real life without a second thought.