The True Sheriff Slots

The True Sheriff Slots is a slot machine title from Betsoft Gaming that successfully transports you to the dangerous but exciting Wild West Era. Enter this thrilling game world to become a fortune-seeking gunslinger who makes profits with non-feature symbol combinations and unique bonus game elements like the wild guns feature and the sheriff's badge free spins round. To learn more about all the features and functionalities of The True Sheriff Slots, make sure to read the casino game review below carefully.

Get to Know Betsoft Gaming and Its Beautiful Looking Slot Machines

The developer of this compelling slot machine title is Betsoft Gaming. This prominent creator of casino software products is famous for its beautiful looking 3D animated video slot title collection. Besides The True Sheriff Slots, you can find many other atmospheric and uniquely themed reel spinners in that collection, such as, for example, Spring Tails Slots, Spinfinity Man Slots, Stampede Slots, and The Magic Shoppe Slots.

Play Casino Slot Machine Games in Demo Mode at Betsoft's Website

You can play the mentioned slot machine titles and other reel spinners in demo mode at the developer's website. The demo versions of these virtual fruit machines are free, so you can take your time to check them out and carefully select the ones you like to play at online casino platforms for real money.

Enjoy Playing a Slot Game That Transports You to the Wild West Era

Betsoft Gaming always builds its slot titles around a unique theme. In the case of this reel spinner, its game theme will transport you to the wild American frontier era. This era was exciting for fortune seekers and gold hunters, so the game's Wild West theme is very fitting if you are also looking for fortunes and profits.

Colorful and Sharp Design Elements Make the Old West Come to Life

Since this slot machine reel spinner has an Old West theme, you can expect to see many colorful and sharply designed game design elements that depict that era. On the reel grid and the little western town background image, you can see the bandit and the sheriff, who seem to be close to starting a gun-slinging duel with each other. Some other themed symbol depictions on the reel grid are the girl, the sheriff's badge, and the gun.

Game Type Details That Will Successfully Raise Your Excitement Level

This game gives you a standard five-reel and three-row reel grid on which you need to land win triggering symbol combinations. Unfortunately, the slot does not give you a chance to win a progressive jackpot reward, but it is very rich in the bonus features that it provides. In terms of bonus elements, it offers you a Wild Guns feature, a heads or tails showdown bonus round, a saloon card double up game element and a sheriff's badge free spins round.

Activate Pay Lines to Land Winning Symbol Combinations On

In this slot machine title, you have the option to play with 1 to 30 active pay lines on which paytable symbol combinations need to land to trigger casino credit payouts. The more pay lines you choose to activate, the more win opportunities you will have. However, keep in mind that the higher the number of active pay lines, the more money you will have to wager.

Three Game Play Settings That Determine the Value of Your Bet

The value of your bet depends on three settings in this slot machine game. To increase or decrease the wager value, you can change the coin denomination, the bet per line, and the number of pay lines. The higher your bet, the more you can win, but remember that high stakes games can also lead to significant losses. Therefore, you must always make bets that are in line with your budget and your casino bankroll.

Check the Second Screen Paytable Section to Learn About This Game

If you want to look up further information about The True Sheriff Slots, you can check out its second screen paytable section. You can find that paytable by first clicking on the striped button on the top left side of the reel grid and then selecting the "View Paytable" option. The paytable will inform you about game details like symbol combination payouts, special features, and pay line structures.

Become the Lucky Winner During Epic Bonus Round Showdowns

The game's main bonus round is a heads or tails showdown in which the bandit and the sheriff are involved. When the gun attribute shows up consecutively between the brave sheriff and the evil bandit on activated pay lines one, two, or three, your game's bonus round will launch. During this bonus round, you will play the game of heads or tails to decide the winner.

Every bonus round win takes you closer to the bonus round's top reward, but every loss narrows your winning field. Larger bonus round triggering symbol combinations result in higher wins. Remember that you can only start the bonus feature when these symbol combinations land on slot reels one, two, and three or slot reels three, four, and five. When you spin the symbol combinations on slot reels two, three, and four, you will launch the Wild Guns bonus game feature instead.

Land Sheriff's Badges on the Reel Grid to Claim Many Free Spins Wins

Besides the heads or tails showdown bonus round, this generous slot machine title also has the very beneficial free spins feature on offer, which you can trigger with the Sheriff's Badge scatter icon. When three or more of these badges land on consecutive slot reels (from the left side of the game grid), you receive a very generous instant scatter symbol combination payout, and the free spins mode will start.

Depending on the number of feature triggering sheriff's badges, you get to claim a reward of 10, 12, or no less than 15 free games. It is impossible to win more free spins while this bonus round is in play, but it is possible to claim an additional prize during the feature. You can win this prize by landing sheriff's badges on the slot reels while you are spinning for free. Each of these badge symbols will cause the badge counter to increase. At the end of the bonus, the final number of badges will determine what you will receive as an additional reward.

Learn More About the Slot Machine Game's Return to Player Percentage

If you are familiar with playing online slot machine games, you might have come across the term Return to Player (RTP) percentage. This RTP percentage is a rough indication of how much of your wagered money can end up back into your pockets over the long run while you are playing a game. A high RTP percentage means that you have a better chance of keeping your hands on your money while placing bets and spinning reels to win casino credit profits. If you want to find out the Return to Player rate for this reel spinner, you can go to casino slot review websites that have looked into that specific piece of vital game information.

Find Game Review Ratings for This Particular Slot Machine Title

Besides the RTP percentage, there is another rate you should pay close attention to before you decide to play this game or others at online casinos. Some slot review websites test reel spinners and then provide a rating based on those games' quality. Again, if such a rating is high, you know your experience of playing this game will likely be positive.

Lucky Slot Title Winners Can Be Big Motivators to Try Out This Game

While you are looking online for more information about this slot machine title, make sure also to check out casino news websites. These websites often inform their visitors about lucky winners who made big wins with this casino game or other slots. Seeing that other people made big wins while playing this game is undoubtedly a powerful motivator to go after those same profits yourself.

Play With Real Money if You Want to Go After Exciting Casino Wins

If you are ready to go after the profitable wins that this game has to offer, then the first step is to become a member of casino platforms that currently have it in their entertainment portfolios. Go to the membership account creation process and then proceed to make your first real money deposit so that you can start to place win-triggering bets on this exciting slot machine game.

Play for Fun if Gambling With Real Money Does Not Sound Interesting

Not everybody is a fan of playing casino games with real money. Luckily, most online casinos are aware of this, and a lot of them, therefore, provide you with an alternative playstyle option. Instead of letting you play with real money credits, they will give you fun credits to use during your reel spinning sessions. You can use these complimentary credits to make practice spins and have money-free fun.

Choose to Play on the Go via an Android or iOS Operated Mobile Device

Besides playing with real money or with fun credits, there is a third way you can choose to play The True Sheriff Slots at online casino platforms that run on the entertainment software from Betsoft Gaming. This third option is the chance to play the slot on your Android or iOS operated mobile device. Use this convenient, on the go play style option when you feel the strong urge to make some Wild West-themed reel spins but are currently not sitting in front of a desktop device.