Slots Angels Slots

As soon as you lay eyes on Slots Angels' mind-blowing main screen, you will immediately notice that it has absolutely nothing to do with actual angels. The main characters of the game form a group of motorcyclists, wearing epic outfits, dark glasses, awesome beards and exceptionally painted vehicles. The game's title is written with metallic letters and the words surround a skull. The title itself is ornamented with long, brutal bone spikes. Other decorations on the reels include metallic feathers, a couple of exhaust pipes on each side as well as gas station machinery and equipment for the credit, coin size and payline buttons. The background of the reels is composed of a small town, one of the many settlements, this scary gang will probably get to visit and it is depicted in stunning detail to the point where you can see the imperfections of the wooden boards of the houses and the filth on the windows beneath the daunting, cloudy, sunset sky. It's a very imposing sight, especially with the 3D animated elderly team leader, who is preparing for the next ride in the seat of his ferocious machine. The game has 5 reels with 3 rows and 30 paylines. Coin sizes vary between 2 cents and 50 cents. The maximum number of credits per a single spin is 5. Every time either of these numbers are changed, the words and the number perform a neat animation. The soundtrack is a cool electric guitar road music and every time you turn the sound on and off and click to check out the game's paytable and rules, you can hear the sound of a fat gun being loaded.

Team's Payment

There are 8 payable symbols in the game and all them have 3 winning combinations from 3 to 5 matching symbols. The plumpy biker with the shiny shades, the stylishly crafted beard and the pirate headband delivers 75, 150 and 300 coins. The other biker with long dark hair, long dark beard, an extremely grumpy expression and equally dark shades pays 50, 100 and 200 coins. The beautiful, blonde, female biker with big beautiful eyes provides players with 25 coins, 50 coins and 100 coins. The "BAR" sign symbol offers 15, 30 and 75 coins. The motorcycles symbol gives 10 coins, 25 coins and 50 coins. The diesel canister symbol and the pool balls symbol pay 5, 10 and 20 coins. The lowest paying symbol is a dollar stash, tucked within a Slots Angels' holder of some sorts and it gives 2 coins, 5 coins and 10 coins.

Features and Effects of the Angels Gang

Slots Angels is one Betsoft game that most definitely can be proud of its features, not simply because of the financial rewards they offer but simply because of how many they are. First off, there is the Party Free Spins Mode. If at least 3 Bottle symbols are acquired anywhere on the first, the second, the fourth or the fifth reel, this special mode will be initiated. The central reel will be covered with wild during these free spins and then the player how this motorcycle Angels gang will appear on-screen and start cheering you up every time you spin the reels. There is also the Darts Cluck Me Mode that can be activated via the acquiring of at least 3 Dartboard symbols anywhere on the first, the second and the fifth reel. The gambler will then be able to click on one of those Dartboard symbols and reveal a prize. Yet another feature in the game is the Reel Respin Feature, which is directly connected with that Payout Multiplier Table visible in the top right corner of the game's main screen. This particular feature comes into play after every single winning combination, making the central reel to spin for one additional spin bringing more awards. Every time there is a re-spin that multiplier value will rise and one more number on the table will be illuminated in orange. As you can see, the maximum multiplier amount is 5 times but the respins will keep happening to the point when no more winning combinations are formed. And at this point, it's still not over because there is the Biker Race Bonus Round. It can be activated by the Lead Biker symbol, depicting the face of the same guy, who is chilling on his red motorcycle by the reels on the main screen. The appearance of at least 3 of those Lead Biker symbols on the first, second and fifth reel will initiate this bonus round and the player will again need to select one of those 3 symbols. Then the three bikers from those symbols will have a race and if the one you selected emerges victorious you will be awarded a great amount. Slots Angels also offers a Progressive Jackpot prize, the amount of which is shown just under the title on the main screen. It can be acquired by a special combination - five of the best paying symbols, depicting the plumpy biker with the beard on the first payline, while the maximum possible bet has been applied. Players need to be aware that this big prize can be acquired only during the base game. The final bonus feature of the game is actually the Double Up Coin Toss feature, which allows layers to double an earning after a successful winning combination. It involves a Heads or Tails games and if you win, the selected earning will be double. This is where the long list of exceptionally profitable and entertaining bonus features of Slots Angels ends.

To do a short sum up, this is a game with superb visual design, characters which actually come on the reel to support you after every spin, great payouts of the winning combination-forming symbols, six different bonus features, each of which is rare and unique for the slot game-genre in general. This is as great as a Betsoft game has ever been and if you are a fan of online slot gambling, it is a must try.