Fire & Steel Slots

Fire and Steel Slots is one of the most visually incredible gambling games you are likely to come across nowadays. It has an epic fantasy theme involving heroes, armed with huge weapons, dressed in fat armor with a background filled with the fires of war and various magic forces. The full title is Fire and Steel: War of the Wilds and it has a steel material font, with the “&” being lit on fire, as well as the “Fire” word and the “Steel” glistening with a magic neon light blue light. To the left of the reels there is a hero wearing huge thick armor, carrying a big magic sword and is standing in front of a magical teal orb. To the right of the reels, there is a female warrior with a sword on her back and an equally impressive suit of armor and behind her there is a mountain ridge with huge beams of light protruding out of it as if multiple volcanos are about to erupt. The reel set up is quite unique. There are 5 reels, with the middle being able to contain 5 symbols, the 2 reels surrounding it being in possession of 4 symbols and the 2 reels that are most to the sides are capable of holding just 3 symbols. Coin sizes range between 2 cents and 1 dollar. The maximum bet credits per line are 5, making the maximum total bet 100. The game features countless profitable symbols and great features.

Paytable of the War

The highest paying symbols of the game are the 3 wilds. One of them is the Wild logo symbol, while the second and third ones are the warriors from the main screen – the Swordsman and the Shieldmaiden. They all pay 200 coins for 3 matching symbols, 750 coins for 4 matching symbols and the game’s top payout of 2500 coins for 5 matching symbols. The rest of the symbols in the game are divided into 3 categories – High Value, Mid Value and Low Value and they all feature 3 winning combinations from 3 to 5 matching symbols. The Low Value symbols are all gems of different colors and shapes. The yellow, orange and red gems pay 10, 50 and 100 coins, while the blue and the green gems grant 25, 75 and 150 coins. The Mid Value symbols are 4. The beautiful white hilt dagger offers 50, 100 and 250 coins. The equally delightful to look at helmet gives 50, 100 and 300 coins. The golden goblet with red and green jewels embedded in its surface pays 75, 150 and 400 coins. The book with the cover that is decorated with black, white green and red stones provides players with 75, 150 and 500 coins. There are 3 High Value symbols. Two of them are sigil symbols and both of them have feather motives on them. One is colored in purple and other in yellow but the combinations of both are in possession of the same payout values – 100, 250 and 750 coins. The third symbol and the best paying one of the game, that is not wild, is the golden crown with the ruby in the middle of it and it delivers 150, 500 and 1250 coins.

Epic Fantasy Features

The three wild symbols in the game are capable of replacing each other as well as all the rest of the symbols in the game in order to create potential winning combinations. The two warrior wilds have a special effect of their own. Both of them release special magical beams when they land on the reels: a straight line that moves through various positions and symbols. In the case of the Swordsman that line moves vertically and in the case of the Shieldmaiden it goes horizontally. All the symbols that are crossed by those lines will be transformed into wilds. Keep in mind, however, that only one symbol per reel will be turned. The main feature of the game is called the War of the Wilds and it is activated when both warrior wilds land on the reels and their beams intertwine. 10 free spins will be granted then and the symbol upon which the beams have intersected will turn into a wild and remain in its position during the free spins. This bonus feature can luckily be restarted provided that the lines of the Swordsman and the Shieldmaiden collide once again. The Double Up feature is also part of Fire and Steel’s gameplay. Through it the player can try to double half or all of the earnings made after a spin. A Heads or Tails game will commence and if the gambler’s guess is correct, the earning will be increased.

Fire and Steel is a must-play slot for every fan of online gambling, at least because of its unique visual style and profitable gameplay surprises.